Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Marketing is the place where you learn and earn.

Marketing is everywhere. Digital Marketing is just a medium to do marketing. Digital marketing has evolved drastically with time. And the internet has expanded considerably too.

Marketing explores human interaction as an important function of a business. Not only are marketers tasked with understanding customer experiences, but they are also expected to know how to communicate with diverse audiences with varying levels of cooperation. Marketing is needed everywhere. Even hospitals and charities need marketing to get funds. Since it’s so essential, it means there are a lot of jobs in this field. If a business does not do marketing you can just sell the idea of marketing to them and create a job for yourself.

Here are some points about Marketing fundamentals, How to achieve your financial goal, the importance of communication skills in marketing, Traditional vs Digital marketing, CATT funnel of marketing, Integrated Digital Marketing Framework, and Power & Evolution of personal branding.

Marketing Fundamentals — Marketing is just not based on creativity or art it’s based on science. Where we need to understand the value of the products, need to study the customers from their aspects along with the nature of the business. Before we start the business or creating a value of a product, we need to understand the demands & needs of the customers. Marketing is about sending the right message to the right people at the right time. It’s just not about selling the product to the customer; it also needs to keep the existing customer happy with the product & need to keep communicating to remain a customer for a long time by creating trust with the people. To create mass trust with the people never let marketing important more than your products, great product will sell itself.

“Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself… The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” — Peter Drucker.

Importance of Communication in Marketing — Marketing is all about communication skills, the better you communicate with the audience the better marketer you will become. Communication is not about vocabulary & grammar, use simple words that people can understand easily. You need to write as you talk, many people don’t like sophisticated English. You need to join the conversation which is already running in people’s minds you need to understand your target audience very well. To improve your communication skills, you need to write a lot because the more you write the better you can write & also speak. Writing is the best way to improve your thought process & learning process the more you write the more you learn.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing — The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium through which an audience encounters a marketing message. While traditional marketing uses traditional media like magazines and newspapers, digital marketing uses digital media, such as social media or websites.

Now we have a question about which method is better to do marketing?

The answer is It Depends.

Digital marketing is likely the best option for most. If you want to reach a particular group of audience, wherever they may be, while keeping costs low, go with digital marketing. And also, It will allow you to collect more information about your particular audience so that you can create even more effective marketing campaigns.

However, there is still a place for traditional marketing. If you want to reach an older audience or a local audience, traditional marketing methods may be more productive and stand out better than digital marketing methods.

CATT Funnel of Marketing — Wealth = n ^ CATT

n — Niche: Your success & wealth Depends on the Niche you choose, you need to identify your Niche according to your passion and interests.

C — Content: Always create useful content from your Niche which can attract customers & helps the audience better.

A -Attention: Attention is the most important thing you need to drive attention to your content and generate traffic by using SEO, paid ads, and social media platforms.

T — Trust: Building trust by proving value to your customer with your productions & keep communicating to remain a customer for a long time by creating trust with the people.

T — Transaction: Transaction is the final stage of your marketing effort where you need to convert your leads into customers with an organic sales method.

When you have good quality content that helps your customers and solves a problem for them, you are getting more response from them and it allows you to build trust & converting them into sales.

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework — Integrated digital marketing framework is the integration of multiple marketing strategies to form an extensive online approach for your business. Content marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, SEO and social media are the parts that need to be integrated for successful integrated digital marketing.

Power & Evolution of Personal Branding — Your personal brand is one of the most valuable assets that you can control. A personal brand is how you can create a brand for yourself it’s a combination of your expressive skills, valuable content that can help peoples & your work that can impress people. People do not want to hear from a brand they want to hear from a person. Whom they can trust they can believe. Because when the audience trusts us, they will trust the services & products you are providing.

There are also some upsides & downsides are there such as A personal brand can rise many brands by their influence & skills, on the other side a personal brand cannot be invested in and also it can’t be sold.

The evolution of personal brand — Learn > Work > Blog > Consult > Mentor > Start-up

Learn: Learn a new skill understand the facts & concepts & keep learning. Practice the skills & make it better every time.

Work: Make your skills work, implement your skills wherever you can, by implementing your skills make you understand better every time until you become an expert on it.

Blog: When you write something, you understand it better. Write about your experiences leaning through your work share with your audience it will also help you to make your personal branding.

Consult: Now you have your own blog & your personal brand. Now start consulting other companies & brands with your work that will help you to create trust in the market.

Mentor: Mentor other who wants to be like you, share your experiences & skills. Mentoring people can make your understanding level more & more batter.

Start-up: Start your own product, course & services that can relate to your target audience & market.

These are some basics & laws of marketing. In future blogs, I will try to explain deeply the marketing skills & more marketing information. Please share your valuable comments.

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