Interview with Durbar Ghosh from DigiWorks

Durbar Ghosh is an SEO & Content Marketer from Shantiniketan West Bengal. He blogs on DurbarGhosh.com, and DigiWorks.me. He has been in the Digital Marketing industry for almost 4 years now and is currently he is doing freelancing in Digital Marketing.

Now, let us hear from Him.

Hello & Welcome Durbar!

Durbar tell us about your life story &  share your experience with us.

I did my Automobile Engineering, and I enjoyed it very much. I was doing well in college, we did so many interesting projects like we have built an Electric all-terrain vehicle. Yet I decided to switch my career to digital marketing because I wanted to do my own things, which Digital Marketing field provides a ton of opportunity but Mechanical Engineering doing own project is almost impossible. For example, our Electric ATV was an Rs.12+ lac project, so there is no question I could do such a project on my own. Also in India, there is almost no opportunity for RnD in Automobile. So, in my final year, I came to know about online marketing, blogging, and SEO and decided to switch my career. And next things I have already discussed above.

I started my career in 2017, I have done a Digital Marketing Internship in a company called webMobi, which makes SaaS tools for event organizers. Then, I had joined Selenium Labs, a local Software Testing Training institute in Bangalore. And did Local SEO. After that, I joined a Healthcare Digital Marketing agency as an SEO specialist. I worked there for only a few months, till December of 2019. Since then I am doing freelancing, also working on my own projects. My Twitter

Tell us about your hobbies, passion & interest.

I like illustrating, doodling. I have a little graphic design as well but do not practice now. I have got myself an iPad, I am practicing illustration & doodling. So, later my SEO blog may feature my illustrations & sketch notes.

SEO is my love. When I am not working on clients’ projects I read about SEO, Specially SEO experiments & case studies. I also do some SEO experiments myself.

I like auditing websites and finding out opportunities to grow traffic. So, if anyone is having a website, with some good content, but the site is not ranking, feel free to reach out to me, I will audit the website for free for the readers.

So, Durbar tell us about your daily routine & how you start your day?

I am not a person who follows strict routines. But on the good days, I start my day by checking my to-do list that I create the night before. So, that way I am focused on what I need to do for the day.

I try to keep my day 50% planned and 50% unplanned. In the planned 50% time I do clients’ work, and some of my own works that I think is important, I do it mostly in the first half of the day. And the other 50% time I do anything randomly. I spend this time, consuming Digital Marketing content, use social media (professional purpose), try things about SEO, explore new niches and websites, reverse engineer other people’s strategies, or just kill time. In the evening I prefer to go outside. I like to go for a bicycle ride or play football. But nowadays I not going outside unless it is necessary.

Tell us about your inspiration & what makes you motivated in your life.

I am a very curious person. I like learning and trying different stuff things. These opportunities inspire me. And SEO provides me with these opportunities. I just do what I love and want to keep on doing.

I don’t believe that outside motivation can push you for long, at least it doesn’t work for me. Necessity is the best motivation, and interest is second. I have an immense interest in SEO, so, that makes me do whatever little work I do.

How do you deal with your negative thoughts?

When you are freelancing, there are a ton of situations to make you worry.

  •   What if the client goes away
  •   What if the client does not pay?
  •   What if I can not deliver results?

But I have realized that worrying never gonna help me. But focusing on my work will. So, I am trying to avoid overthinking, I am not the champ yet, I am working on it. I can see it is improving. If sometimes I am super frustrated I stop working for the day and start fresh the next day.

What do you think about Freelancing vs Job?

One is not necessarily better than the other, both have their advantages and disadvantages. I would say if you are a person who does all your work on your own without someone controlling you. You can keep yourself check, they only do freelancing. Otherwise, you won’t be able to deliver results & clients will leave, which is very counterproductive, considering how difficult it is to get a new client compared to retaining an old one. If you are just starting your career, do a job for at least 2-3 years, 5+ years will be safer, then go for freelancing.

According to you the future of Digital Marketing in India?

You can see many businesses are not taking the advantage of Digital Marketing. That means the industry has a lot to grow. It is a golden time to enter the industry.

Share your thoughts on Traditional Marketing vs Digital marketing.

I have huge respect for traditional marketing, it is just that I am more interested in Digital Marketing, and technology. The fundamentals are all totally the same. You can’t be a good marketer (neither traditional nor digital) if your fundamentals are not good. For some projects, traditional marketing can more suitable. In fact, I have a project idea, where I am planning to start with Traditional Marketing, if that is successful then will grow it with Digital Marketing. Totally out of my comfort zone!

What tool do you use for Market research?

I mostly use SEO tools. Ahrefs is my go-to.

But nothing can give as much information as the Google SERP itself. To make it even more useful, I use 3 Chrome extensions

  1.   Moz bar
  2.   Keywords Everywhere (paid but very affordable)
  3.   SEO Minion

I can’t live without the Google search console, and Google Analytics. I am currently learning Google Data Studio to make GA, GSC data sexier.

How do you define success in your career?

I am not very focused on building a good career, ride on the corporate ladder. I just want to keep doing things I like. Getting to work on better projects than before, achieving better results than I had before – I call success, and that is all I am concerned about.

Tell us about your dreams, Goals & fear?

I want to go places & work from anywhere, but my earning should not stop or hamper much. I dream of spending half of the year traveling to places like Manali, Darjeeling, Bali, and having fun while working.

My goal is to achieve more freedom. I should be able to work less and still sustain. It is not like I do not like working but I want to explore more, try different things. So right now, that is my goal, to be in a situation where working is a choice. Then only work can be more fun.

My fear is I am not progressing, I am stuck in one place.

Lastly, What do you like to say to your readers?

A few things-

  •   Spend time In reflecting on what you want to do, and try doing different things that you find interesting. Don’t just work in your office, and not work for yourself.
  •   If you want to be a good marketer, don’t just learn tools and exact steps to do something. Do not run only around new things coming in the market. They will change every now and then. Learn more classic things like human psychology and you will always be relevant in the market.

Thank you Durbar for your valuable time. All the best for your future.






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